Friday, 22 October 2010

A perfect day in the Arran hills or Golden autumn light, roaring stags & the first snow

One of those really hard days at work: Heading out into the hills to count deer. Which of course can only be done on a nice clear day, making last Wednesday just perfect for the task. A cold and crisp autumn morning with stunning views... Later on, the chilly northerly brought the first snow. The corries were still echoing with the mighty roars, throaty grunts and clashing antlers of the red deer rut. After weeks of noisily gathering and defending their harems, the stags sounded a bit hoarse!

Without a doubt, this is my favourite time of year...


Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Jompy heater by Celsius Solar

The Jompy heater was on display at our festival evening event boiling water at the same time as making popcorn at the door of the corrie Hall.It has been nominated for the World Challenge 2010.

The Jompy Stove is a lightweight and inexpensive stove-top device that sits between a cooking pot or an open flame to rapidly heat water. Invented by David Osborne, a plumber from Scotland, this incredibly simple technology could save millions who die from drinking contaminated water.

The Jompy is a win-win technology, where householders can cook a meal whilst killing bacteria in dirty water at the same time. Gravity pushes the water through the Jompy, and it even works on simple three stone fires, making it perfect for use in the bush.

The voting opens on Monday 27th September until 00.00 GMT on 15th November Celsius Solar Ltd the "Jompy water boiler" is the a finalist from the UK among other 11 finalists from other parts of the world.

We are looking for your support by voting online at

It is exciting times for us here at Celsius solar Ltd with our jompy water boiler which can bring many benefits to the developing countries to reduce their fuel consumption and time spent over a fire.

We would be greatful for your support by voting for us online. We have been chosen out of 800 competitors and I hope you will agree we should be acknowledged for the huge benefits that the Jompy will bring to many countries.

Please support your fellow country men and pass on to your friends to vote aswell