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What do you do when you don’t lead walks for the Arran Mountain Festival? 
I manage the Community of Arran Seabed Trust (COAST). With community support we have created Scotland's first No Take Zone in Lamlash Bay and a large marine protected area around the south of Arran. In my spare time I like to cycle around the west coast of Scotland, paint and draw and grow vegetables.  

Why do you volunteer as an Arran Mountain Festival walk leader?

I've always loved the drama and beauty of the hills and the adventures they offer right on our door step, not to mention the wildlife. There is lot's of time to chat and get to know people and the festival is always great fun. This is my fith one.

Tell us about a favourite mountain moment.
Getting to the top of Ben Nevis for the first time ever via the Long Climb.

What is your favourite Arran walk?
Cioch na h-Oighe is a wee cracker of a ridge if you have a head for heights. Great views and a pub and tearoom at the bottom.

Which piece of kit would you not head into the hills without?
Boots. Unless you are used to going barefoot and have soles like leather you wont get far.

What is your favourite breakfast before a long day out in the mountains?
Normally poached egg on toast with a bit of cheese for good measure.

Andrew is co-leading Friday's Witch's Step & Castles walk and the Holy Isle walk.

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